Digimon Universe App Monsters: Ending 4

In this episode, Appmon’s over, the reboot is on hiatus, and Kizuna is out in July. Be a great time for a vacation if we could leave the house!

Watching the world get excited for the Adventure reboot has been fun. No matter how we feel about the elements the first three episodes introduced, it certainly caught everyone’s attention. Digimon’s time in the limelight has had its share of peaks and valleys since we started here nine years ago, and we all hope the hiatus won’t dampen Adventure:’s momentum. The new series does, however, make us look back at Appmon’s place in the conversation.

In a way, it’s Appmon’s inability to capture a broader audience that made an Adventure reboot the obvious way forward. Appmon was an above-average Digimon series, full of dynamic and lovable characters, a ton of energy, and an acknowledgment of modern technology and problems. The reboot has all the same ingredients, with the one special addition: a roster of both humans and monsters we were already in love with. That gave it enough extra power to blow away the skeptics and generate a new round of excitement for the franchise.

It’s a little sad to see Appmon relegated to the heap of other series that tried something new and didn’t quite entice us enough. Digimon is riddled with these oddities like Savers and Xros Wars, and the takeaway from the Digimon Universe experiment might be that while these shows did little to help the franchise’s longevity, these are the hidden gems that make the Digimon experience so much fun. Few will end up engrossed with all three (hell, how many have even seen all three?), but they will always have their defenders, moments to appreciate, and lessons to take into the future.

Now that Appmon’s over, it’s time for a brief rest. I wasn’t at all prepared to return to two episodes a week when Crunchyroll added the series, and absolutely thrown off by the reboot appearing, but now that one is over and the other is taking a short break, I’m in need of the same. But we will be back as soon as Adventure: is with weekly reviews, along with coverage of Last Evolution Kizuna once it’s released in July! If you want me back sooner, higher-tier Patreon subscribers can request a special topic for me to cover, but any support you can throw me there, on Ko-Fi, or on Amazon helps immensely. Thanks for your support and I’ll catch up with you again in the Digital World!

Digimon Universe App Monsters Ending 4: Perfect World
So this has become my favorite ending in Digimon, and a nice throwback with Ayumi Miyazaki composing it. The animation is an amazing payoff to a tiny easter egg in a very early episode revealing Haru’s birthday as July 1 (one of the very few Digimon characters with a canon birthday, incidentally). The episode this ending made its debut? First aired July 1.

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