Data Squad Episode 10: Curse This Curse: Marcus's Bad Day

In this episode, a Digimon carries out Kristy's blabbering of bad things she wants to happen to Marcus. A very random, very specific, very tangible set of bad things.

We're still stuck in the same stretch of repetitive filler, but one thing we're starting to learn is that Kristy makes the repetitive filler that much more bearable. It's very odd for a non-partnered family member to have an impact like this (at least one that isn't named Hiroaki Ishida). She doesn't quite have it in her to make episodes transcend their dubious stories and shine, but keeping things in house make us care far more about what's going on that we would when the focus is on some one-shot character that we'll never see again.

At this point in the series, Kristy as a character isn't a whole lot deeper than Jun Motomiya. She gets in snide comments at Marcus's expense but cares for him deep down, otherwise acting like a typical young girl that keeps an open mind about monsters walking around. In a way, it's this simplicity that makes her fun to watch. Marcus, Thomas and even Agumon are big personalities that dominate scenes they're in. Kristy has the ability to neutralize them the way nobody else can. When she gets happy or sad or angry, she commands their attention and draws ours in the process. Neither of the three should be obligated to pay her any mind (Davis and Henry have both ignored their annoying sisters at times), but they do anyway. It's part of The Marcus Code.

While explaining Marcus is easy and this episode does a lot to define the weird relationship between Agumon and Kristy, it's her affection towards Thomas that makes her such a fun addition to the show. It's clear that Thomas enjoys the warmth of Marcus's family and, with his own back in Austria, is trying to take part in it when possible. Kristy thinks Thomas is nothing short of Prince Charming himself, and a visit to his mansion doesn't do anything to dispel that. The whole afternoon feels like a fairy tale to her, which is probably why she's so angry when Marcus treats it like just another house and behaves in his usual boorish manner. Say this about Marcus: he's consistent. He's not the type to act more refined just because it's a fancier pad. Thomas doesn't seem to mind that much, seemingly recognizing that this lifestyle doesn't necessarily make him a better person, and definitely doesn't spell a more comfortable household. He even offers Agumon more homespun cuisine when requested.

Anyway, Kristy thinks that Marcus is making an ass of both himself and her (as if Thomas had only invited Kristy and Marcus and Agumon are tagging along... which better not have been the case). From that point comes a rant that is as emotional as it is bizarre. There's wishing bad things on somebody and taking it too far, and then there's lacing them with so many random bits that are just a little too feasible. Running into a sign? Attacked by sticks? Hit by an oil tanker? The idea is that this is an angry girl making no sense in her rants, but it's a bit of a stretch.

The net result is another in a long line of Digimon that show up to grant wishes, even accidental ones like Kristy's. Even with the oil tanker nonsense, it's a good thing she didn't shout “I wish you weren't my brother” or anything. Either way, Soulmon shadows Marcus for the rest of the day, even entering DATS headquarters. Agumon catches glimpses of him, but everybody else dismisses him, which is particularly irresponsible given the evidence.

Agumon tracks down Kristy and eventually gets her to admit that she doesn't actually want Marcus hurt. It's a nice scene, but a bit convenient that Kristy hadn't realized long ago that Marcus is a nice guy despite his lack of manners. It's also completely ineffective at stopping Soulmon. Marcus takes care of it the only way he knows how- speeding toward the oil tanker, tracking down Soulmon and punching it in the face.

My Grade: C

Loose Data:
  • While we wait for the Kingdom Hearts reference that makes everyone lose their minds, Marcus drops a “bigger on the inside” in this episode. Fantastic.
  • No comment was made about Agumon being inside his digivice, as if he just accepted the necessity of it off screen. Makes total sense in that situation, but you'd think he'd put up more of a fuss.
  • If Soulmon was visible enough for Agumon to see and active enough to trip Marcus, why didn't the DATS radar pick it up until it was directly inside central command?
  • It's incredible how Thomas, Agumon and Gaomon somehow remembered every little detail of Kristy's rant. That or the butler was taking minutes offscreen.
  • During Agumon and Kristy's argument, close your eyes and try not to picture Takato and Rika in that scene.
  • This whole “it's fightin' time” catch phrase nonsense is almost justified when Marcus intimates that he's going to fight a giant boat.
  • The moment she realizes what Marcus is trying to accomplish, Yoshi shows up with a boat to assist. Add in the grappling hook and she's dangerously close to being the kind of goddamn action hero Joe could be proud of.


  1. The whole "attacked by sticks" thing in the original version was actually falling off a bridge, which is what a bundle of chopsticks is called in Japanese. It makes sense that they changed it because it was the least-awkward thing they could work with.

  2. "I wish you would just disappear!"

    Yeah, we've seen how *that* wish works out for the wisher. I'm glad she didn't make that one, either...

  3. Full credit to this episode and the characterization of Marcus so far: I really believed he was gonna try to punch that boat.

    I am glad we get to see Yoshi do her job very well when there's a proper crisis on their hands. I predict she's going to turn out to be a pilot too...