Adventure Episode 16: The Arrival of Skullgreymon

In this episode, Tai turns into an asshole. Or maybe he always was an asshole. Either way, the results are badass. Er... bad. I mean bad.

Adventure Episode 15: The Dark Network of Etemon

In this episode, a new villain emerges! Yes, it's an Elvis-impersonating monkey. Yes, they're serious. Yes, he is actually pretty evil.

Adventure Episode 14: Departure for a New Continent

In this episode, a hologram of a strange old man convinces the kids to commit suicide rather than stay on the blasted island. Several Digimon make sure they don't die.

Adventure Episode 13: The Legend of the Digidestined

In this episode, everything comes to a head in an action-packed finale! Everything is resolved as you'd expect. Except they aren't actually done yet. Oh, and TK's Digimon dies.

Adventure Episode 12: Digibaby Boom

In this episode, a lot of cute things happen. Cute kid, cute village, cute baby Digimon, cute fighting, cute flashback... cute way to spend time not doing anything.