Digimon Adventure: (2020): Opening 1

In this episode, we’re overhauling the schedule a bit to provide regular coverage of the new rebooted Adventure series! With that comes a new Patreon to support us!

In the last Appmon intermission, I may have said a few things that turned out to be…well, nothing ended up working out. The Kizuna screening is on hold until it’s safe to go to movies again (or the Blu-Ray comes out, as it’s kind of a toss-up right now). As for potentially not reviewing the new rebooted series? I’m not kidding anyone. I was going to put my thoughts on it somewhere. It might as well be here!

Part of that has to do with the hype over this new series. It’s easy for those of us who have journeyed with the Digimon anime in all its incarnations to lament the lack of attention to its other entries. This is legitimate. We’re right on the cusp of Appmon’s stunning finish, yet Adventure: feels like the only thing worth paying attention to. But it’s simple reality that Adventure touched on something that has never been able to be repeated. When the Adventure children are involved, everyone pays attention.

Adventure isn’t the best Digimon series, but its characters are. That’s what makes this reboot so intriguing. All of things that marred Adventure—its slow first half, its underwhelming story, its canon getting too cluttered and complex for its own good—are all gone. All that remains are its greatest assets, and it’s all it needs to carry forward into a story that holds up as well as the characters do. Appmon has shown the potential a modern setting Digimon series can provide. There’s no reason Adventure: can’t look at Appmon’s successes and failures to mold the setting into something even more captivating.

Instead of waiting for Appmon to conclude before playing catch-up, we’re going to cover both series at the same time. We’ll cover the new Adventure: series on Mondays while wrapping up Appmon on Thursdays. This might make the post log a bit confusing, but the navigation pages up top are your friend, and at least the Adventure: page will be updated with each post. Unless Kizuna drops on us in the next two months (highly unlikely), we’ll wrap up Appmon on May 21.

To support the continued life of the site, I now have a Patreon! This is your way to help keep the site going, cover our expenses, and get the content you want to see, all starting at just $2 a month! I’ll be making a private Discord channel for us, with live chats (and ideally a livestream!) of each new Adventure: episode! Higher tiers include early access to episode posts and the opportunity to choose a topic for me to dive into. There are also a ton of incentives on the fanfiction side of things. The amount of support will probably decide the site’s fate once Adventure: is over.

Digimon Adventure: Opening 1: Mikakunin Hikousen
Sure this wasn’t meant for My Hero Academia or something? This is one of the more shounen opening songs we’ve had so far, closer in vein to the Appmon openers. Plenty of clues about the direction of the series in this too! Note the heavy emphasis on Taichi and Agumon, curious absence of Patamon and Tailmon’s higher forms, and an Omegamon that never fought in the original TV series.

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  1. Do you think it's possible that we'll get different opening sequences for different episodes? I mean, both this episode's opening and the episode itself were focused on Taichi, while the ending was focused on Yamato. Maybe the next episode will be focused on Yamato and we'll get an opening focused on Yamato and an ending focused on, perhaps, Sora. What do you think?