Adventure Episode 22: Forget About It!

In this episode, it's the Demidevimon show! That rambunctious little scamp tries to get TK to abandon and forget about his friends. It's an awful way to achieve his real mission.

Adventure Episode 21: Home Away From Home

In this episode, Tai arrives in the real world, which has a higher animation budget, better shading and a creepy little sister that knows way too much.

Adventure Episode 20: The Earthquake of MetalGreymon

In this episode, Tai's recklessness is heralded as a good thing this time. He's rewarded by getting sucked right out of the Digital World.

Adventure Episode 19: The Prisoner of the Pyramid

In this episode, some thrilling plot twists and philosophical questions about digital avatars battle strange dubbing errors and suspect animation. It's a good fight.

Adventure Episode 18: The Piximon Cometh

In this episode, an ancient master offers to train the digidestined. Every training scene cliché is pulled out except the 80's movie montage. That's why they didn't learn anything.