Zero Two Episode 18: Run Yolei Run

In this episode, Yolei's worried about the upcoming assault on the Emperor's base, so she psyches herself up to the point where she sabotages the mission.

Zero Two Episode 17: Ghost of a Chance

In this episode, a haunting at the TV station means the return of the most beloved character in season one. That's right... HIROAKI ISHIDA!

Zero Two Episode 16: 20,000 Digi-Leagues Under the Sea

In this episode, Cody faces challenges to his moral code. He can either lie, or he can let his friends suffocate. He'd rather take the latter.

Zero Two Episode 15: Big Trouble in Little Edo

In this episode, it's samurai vs. ninja. Yes, Shurimon will be made to look as cool as possible and yes, Yolei will have a crush on him. 

Digimon: The Movie Part 3: Digimon Hurricane Landing

In this movie, something happens to some kid's Digimon and somehow they end up as kids or something. Your guess is as good as mine.