Tamers Episode 09: Not As Seen on TV

In this episode, now that Guilmon's evolved to this gigantic beast, Takato has to figure out what to do with him until he changes back.

Tamers Episode 08: A Question of Trust

In this episode, Guilmon is falsely accused of setting fire to lovers in the park. Yes, they actually show lovers in the park. And guns. Lots and lots of guns.

Tamers Episode 07: Now You See It, Now You Don't

In this episode, Rika's elusive, Henry's prophetic and Guilmon's almost deleted by a rampaging Lovecraft reference.

Tamers Episode 06: O Partner, Where Art Thou?

In this episode, it would just be a typical Champion evolution debut if not for Rika and Renamon being so damn cool.

Tamers Episode 05: Dream a Little Dream

In this episode, the mystery of strange chalk markings on the school field. The Melancholy of Calumon... watch it.