Tamers Episode 16: Back To Nature, Back To Battle

In this episode, Takato and Henry's class trip to the woods is derailed by an electricity-eating chicken and that goddamn freaky owl.

Tamers Movie 1: The Adventurers' Battle

In this movie, a cute little desktop buddy turns out to be a malicious computer virus. Shocking, I know.

Tamers Episode 15: Snakes, Trains, and Digimon

In this episode, an invading snake Digimon catches the tamers off guard because they all somehow have better things to do.

Tamers Episode 14: Grow Mon Grow

In this episode, Yamaki's vortex does just fine sucking Digimon into oblivion... until something comes out of the oblivion. Something very powerful, and very pissed.

Tamers Episode 13: Juggernaut

In this episode, after getting berated by SEELE, Yamaki finally decides to do something significant, signaling the beginning of an actual plot.