Tamers Episode 17: Duel with the Deva

In this episode, not only did Henry's dad have a hand in the creation of Digimon, so did a mysterious man trying to influence events by giving random kids trading cards in Akihabara. 

Tamers Episode 16: Back To Nature, Back To Battle

In this episode, Takato and Henry's class trip to the woods is derailed by an electricity-eating chicken and that goddamn freaky owl.

Tamers Movie 1: The Adventurers' Battle

In this movie, a cute little desktop buddy turns out to be a malicious computer virus. Shocking, I know.

Tamers Episode 15: Snakes, Trains, and Digimon

In this episode, an invading snake Digimon catches the tamers off guard because they all somehow have better things to do.

Tamers Episode 14: Grow Mon Grow

In this episode, Yamaki's vortex does just fine sucking Digimon into oblivion... until something comes out of the oblivion. Something very powerful, and very pissed.