Digital Monster: X-Evolution

In this movie, Leomon dies. Dorumon lives... and the ruling powers have a real problem with this.

Digimon Frontier: Ending 2

In this episode, the second ending “An Endless Tale” and final thoughts on a season that oftentimes felt like it.

Frontier Episode 50: End of the Line

In this episode, the whole party is going to have to jump into this, the ultimate final battle against Lucemon. EVERYBODY GET NAKED!

Frontier Episode 49: Lucemon on the Loose

In this episode, Susanoomon defeats one half of Lucemon. Unfortunately, that was his collected, stable half. The other half is making a beeline for Tokyo.

Frontier Episode 48: The Brothers Yin and Yang

In this episode, Loweemon dies. See how they switched it up this time?