Fusion Episode 19: Rumble in the Jungle Zone!

In this episode, just about everybody's pretty sick of Nene being the main character and will go to extreme lengths to steal the spotlight. 

Fusion Episode 18: Welcome to the Jungle Zone!

In this episode, while AxeKnightmon and Nene continue to carry out their scheming, Lilamon is busy shipping Jeremy and Angie. Nice to see the show acknowledging its fanfic community!

Fusion Episode 17: Clash in the Clouds

In this episode, Nene's in serious trouble and it's up to Sparrowmon and the Fusion Fighters to save her! If they feel like it, that is.

Fusion Episode 16: A Dark Cloud Over the Sky Zone

In this episode, the new president's first act is to open the door for darkness to engulf the land and for the Bagra Army to take control. THANKS OBAMA.

Fusion Episode 15: Trouble in Paradise

In this episode, the serene, cultured Sky Zone is actually an Orwellian dystopia. Good thing there's a candidate like Lucemon there to call for liberation. Vote Saxon.