Adventure Episode 10: A Clue From The Digi-Past

In this episode, Mimi somehow goes the whole length without slapping anybody. Plenty of deserving candidates, but not one of them gets a glove across the face.

For all of Mimi's tribulations in this episode, she really catches a break here. In spite of her whining about how humid it is and how she needs food and a safe place to rest... everybody else in the episode comes off as far worse. Except Palmon. Her infinite patience and sound wisdom makes her quietly awesome and really she doesn't get enough credit. Witness her calmly and effortlessly finding a way to the other island moments after Mimi says there's no way to get to the other island. Everybody else needs a kick in the ass.

We'll start with Sukamon and Chuumon, only because we have to. Like the Numemon in episode six, they hurl crap at Mimi until they are swayed by her feminine charms and suddenly want to date with her. While the concept of the moron twins is cute, they aren't really utilized here as Mimi doesn't need them and are dismissed quickly as a result. It's also far too soon after the Numemon incident to be going down that path again. I must point out that that's now another Digimon completely taken by her beauty, even though she's a different species, while the human boys in the group seem to consider her mostly a nuisance.

This is exemplified when Mimi shows up at the temple. Until this point, Izzy had sat himself down for another round of data crunching. If Tentomon was capable of facial expression, it would clearly be set at “Oh God, not this again.” His concern is finding the others, which as we've established last time, is not incorrect but perhaps a tad hasty. There's probably useful information on the walls. On the other hand, when Mimi arrives, Izzy's response is almost contemptuous. If he was capable of facial expression, it would clearly be set at “Shut up and let me work, woman.”

While Mimi could perhaps be doing something productive like finding food or exploring the rest of the island for clues, she sits there and watches Izzy decrypt. And then she snaps and gets in Izzy's face about it, which is where he really looks bad. He doesn't recognize that he's been making her wait impatiently for unknown hours and he's not even all that sorry about it. If Mimi had full-on slapped him in the face at this point, this episode probably goes up a full letter grade. Such is the power of a well-timed slap. This is utilized to great effect in season two.

Not that the episode's getting a bad grade. One of the neat things done here, and it's something the show rarely does after this, is teaming a kid up with someone else's partner. Mimi wanders the cave with Tentomon while Izzy keeps on hacking alongside Palmon. This tactic isn't all that successful in getting Mimi and Izzy to understand each other, so it doesn't achieve much other than preventing Tentomon from evolving when Centarumon shows up. It isn't until Izzy's hacking helps Mimi through the cave, and his getting up off his ass saves her life that the two sides are reconciled.

We're also finally treated to some information on the digivices, although by now we've mostly pieced together the part about them defending the light, and we see them in action against Leomon as a reminder. When Izzy sits down again to figure out the black gear in the room, Mimi kicks it and solves everything. If only she had done the same to Izzy.

My Grade: B-

Loose Data
  • Izzy uses prodigious twice in this episode. Neither is correct. The genesis of a catchphrase continues.
  • This episode contains the infamous reference to Mimi's phantom baby brother, a pretty forgettable line and an understanding error. Since we have yet to see any indication that the series was going to leave the Digital World and delve into everybody's extended family, it's surprising how much flak the dub gets for the line.
  • Just how exactly did Izzy and Palmon break a stone wall with a couple rocks? And how did they know they were up to that challenge? They're not exactly the muscular ones of the group.


  1. I really love this episode. When Palmon says Izzy is being insensitive, he's almost utterly shocked to hear that. It's not really his fault, he's obvious not the type who hangs out with people. (I forgot where but it says that Izzy was often picked on/teased by Mimi's friends, I'm guessing other kids he's come across with has done the same) While it's true Izzy and Palmon should not be capable of breaking the really old wall that has been around for more than thousands of years. I love that moment since Izzy willingly leaves his laptop where anyone can clearly smash it and goes outside, confident that he'll save Mimi and Tentomon. It just proves that he wasn't planning on giving up at all and was super determined to get her out of there. Which I personally think was a nice character development moment for Izzy, being called insensitive sort of snapped something. Maybe he felt like he had to prove he still had humanity or something.

    Either way, lovely review, I shall keep reading more -w-

  2. This was a good episode for both Mimi and Izzy, as well as their Digimon partners. They were probably the absolute worst combinations that happened in this part of the arc and that made for some interesting moments. Izzy's just so absorbed in his pursuit of knowledge and need to understand how things work and thus how he can act upon what he's learned and knows that he comes off as such an insensitive little jerk, while Mimi, who's usually seen as more self-centered and jerkish, shows how sensitive she can be and how in her own sheltered girlish way she really is serious about seeing a situation through too but just not in the same intelligent, methodical, analytical way as Izzy. It's your typical brainpower vs emotion conflict. Palmon and Tentomon were pretty damn incredible here too.

    The Dino Ruins were also a fantastic location and actually more important than we initially believe, as we learn by episode 53. Centaurumon was actually pretty interesting, as was the secrets behind the Digivice and how they do more than prompt Digivolution. And the showdown with Leomon, who comes right out of nowhere at the end, was SO intense, leading to a really good triumphant moment when he's driven away by the light of the Digivices.

    I agree that the biggest weaknesses would be how repetitive and tacked on Sukamon and Chumon felt, and how Mimi really should have kicked Izzy by the end.