tri. Episode 25: Future, Part Four

In this episode, you’ve seen Hikari’s special ability save the day! You’ve seen Koushiro’s special ability save the day! Now watch what happens when you put them together!

Wizarmon’s contribution, as lightly teased in the poster, could have easily been more than welcome. The big fear is for this figure from the past to show up and deliver some awkward prophecy or, worse, wave his magic wand and undo the effects of the reboot. Instead of being an active presence, he’s a guiding arrow in Hikari’s mind. In a moment surrounded by darkness, he leads her through. His presence emphasizes the foundation of Hikari’s desire to avoid sacrifices, and leads her to use her ties to the light to do something productive... which becomes an awkward prophecy and undoing the effects of the reboot.

Called upon once again to face additional mindgames as the child of light, Hikari tapping into the inner mind of Ordinemon is natural and the brief reunion with Tailmon heartbreaking. Not only does Hikari has to watch her partner dissolve into data, but also because of Meicoomon’s presence. The key phrase of light being within Meicoomon is integral to Koushiro’s heroics, of course, but it also reinforces the notion that everybody deserves to be saved. Witnessing what a possible Tailmon death would look like surely cements that in Hikari’s mind.

While Hikari’s powers have always been supernatural and otherworldly, Koushiro’s powers involve extreme logic and unfathomable know-how. Both have always stretched the notion of realism, but in such a dire situation, calling upon both to work in tandem feels like the sort of miracle called for. Not only did his backup box have a purpose, unintended as it was, he’s able to take that information and make it count, this time before the countdown timer ends. It’s a good callback, a justification for a couple of the reboot’s mysteries, and an opportunity to crowdsource a solution.

In short- thanks to the backup box, all of the data lost in the reboot ended up with Meicoomon, accounting for her memories being intact and her power surge. Unlocking these helps tie back to the other side of Meicoomon’s role as the Libra. The word of course relates to balance, so why shouldn’t she be a source of light after all the darkness she’s brought thus far? Even if it was happenstance that she ended up with these memories and that Koushiro could pull them out, it turns out her sudden uncontrollable vicious streak was a product of manipulation as well, so all’s fair here.

That manipulation? All of her happy memories were locked away, likely by some mysterious man carrying her into some pocket dimension before mysteriously releasing her and vanishing. The gang has to go through the requisite “try to guess the password” hoopla, and of course this one’s falling to Meiko. The password was pretty obvious to everyone who’s been paying attention so this was a bit of a softball. Still, it’s another chance for Meiko to take a swing and she knocks it out of the park. The memory restoration sequence is gorgeous, focusing on the Digimon as they realize their renewed bonds and the shock and regret of having lost them in the first place.

This alone doesn’t stop the clock. Ordinemon’s still there and Homeostasis has every reason to continue to worry. But once Meicoomon’s happy side starts kicking into gear and Ordinemon’s light half emerges, awakening the global Digimon invasion and sending them back home, Hackmon realizes just what the digidestined accomplished. His appearance as Jesmon to strike Ordinemon’s wings, preventing her escape and freeing Tailmon, comes across as a peace offering, perhaps an apology for the first reboot and accidentally striking down Taichi. The reboot stops, and crisis appears to be averted.

At least for a whole 30 seconds (5 seconds when converting to “movie countdown timer” time). Yggdrasil fills in the missing data with evil, the wings return, and the final stage is set. Because like hell would we end this peacefully!

My Grade: A-

Loose Data:
  • Gotta love Koushiro’s complete straight face when Takeru describes what happens to Hikari. Someone as analytical and rational as him hearing about her leaving the physical world and entering someone else’s mindspace and going “yep, sounds like something she’d do.” Not like he hasn’t seen it.
  • We don’t get a full explanation to why the four active Digimon don’t go full power against Ordinemon, although the futility of their situation makes it pretty moot. Still, some fantastic shots of Togemon, Birdramon and Ikkakumon getting some licks in, so if you’re a fan of the Adult levels it’s fun to watch.
  • Yes, the defense force enveloping and killing the summoned Digimon is pretty harsh and the digidestined call them out for it, but when you get so used to them taking futile potshots at the big bad guy, them using special technology to successfully reign in a uniquethreat is sort of commendable.
  • Gotta love Yamato nearly ready to strangle Hackmon for suggesting that the reboot will end everyone’s suffering.
  • There’s a shot of the big Digimon cuddle at the end of movie 3 when Koushiro realized Meicoomon had the backup data. It’s all speculative, but I want to believe that’s how she got it.
  • Koushiro’s crowdsourcing had a couple shots meant to evoke the global effort to fight Diaboromon, but a couple of those kids appeared to have digivices. Perhaps the international kids got to have a small say in things after all.
  • While most of the pictures while the Digimon got their memories back were from tri. (it’s a little disappointing they didn’t recreate some from Adventure like Reunion did), Agumon got some silhouettes from not only Adventure (random Yukidarumon sighting!), but both movies as well. Thing is... suggesting that the Agumon from the Hikarigaoka incident is the same one raises a ton of questions!
  • The implication is that all the Digimon got their memories back, not just the partners. If that’s the case... does that mean Bakumon got his back too? Ouch.
  • For all the times Yamato has had to rush in to protect Meiko from herself, it’s fun to watch her shake him off this one last time to shout her objection to the constant Meicoomon torture.
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