Tamers Episode 32: Shibumi Speaks

In this episode, the God of the Wired makes a cameo appearance to totally Lain up the place. 

Tamers Episode 31: Kazu's Upgrade

In this episode, some milkshake brings all the eight-headed snake monsters to the yard.

Tamers Episode 30: The Imperfect Storm

In this episode, even with the kids in the Digital World, Hypnos finds a way to ruin their lives.

Tamers Episode 29: Goliath

In this episode, Ryo helps the group find shelter for the night, gets his Digimon to snap a dragon in half with its bare hands, then leaves the party to fend for themselves.

Tamers Episode 28: Blame it on Ryo

In this episode, Rika's sick and tired of being stuck with Kazu and Kenta, so in comes one more guy to annoy the hell out of her!