Frontier Episode 40: The Bully Pulpit

In this episode, the group runs into a second set of kids that are somehow even bigger assholes than they used to be.

Frontier Episode 39: The Man In The Moon Is You

In this episode, the gang is stranded on the moon and Takuya's solution is casting magic missile at the darkness.

Frontier Episode 38: It Can't Be! Lucemon Reappears

In this episode, a mystic forecasts that the heroes are destined to fall to a new opponent and that Lucemon will be reborn. Dude, spoilers!

Frontier Episode 37: Cherubimania

In this episode, two momentous occasions as Cherubimon is finally defeated and Zoe finally apologizes for being boring.

Frontier Episode 36: Ice Ice Baby

In this episode, Takuya and Koji are incapacitated and the only prescription is more cowbell.