Data Squad Episode 13: The Rise of Rizegreymon!

In this episode, Biyomon dies TWICE. Somewhere in the Digital World, Leomon and Angemon are slow clapping.

Data Squad Episode 12: The Digi-Egg That Fell To Earth

In this episode, a digi-egg materializes, hatches, and befriends the main character and his sister. This time DATS is around to explain just how problematic that is.

Data Squad Episode 11: The Vile of Vilemon!

In this episode, a poor baker needs money to save his family, so a Digimon helps by giving him a gambling addiction.

Data Squad Episode 10: Curse This Curse: Marcus's Bad Day

In this episode, a Digimon carries out Kristy's blabbering of bad things she wants to happen to Marcus. A very random, very specific, very tangible set of bad things.

Data Squad Episode 09: Never Meet Your Heroes

In this episode, Thomas's favorite boxer is suspected of using a performance enhancing Digimon. Corruption in boxing? Perish the thought!